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This is a quickie web page showing some of the work we're doing on our 1889 Victorian in Hudson, MA.

Note, pics have been resized to make them more download friendly. Please enable Javascript to see everything on the page.

The before & after link got buried in the middle, so here it is: before, after, and after some more: Compare the start & finish shots



First coat of color is done (for some value of done)


Wrapped up for the year


June 2003

This years project is redoing the clapboards on the south wall of the house, plus installing a new window in place of the two in the kitchen as part of a kitchen remodel.

The existing kitchen: And so it begins...
14-15Jun03 Update: 21Jun03 Update 29Jun03 Update 06Jan04

There are a bunch of pics to come of the in between, but to cut to the chase, here's the finished view:


Update 06Sep05

Time to finally tackle the third floor of the front.

Update 07Nov05

Skipping ahead a bit to the end.


Update 28Jul06

This year, we're putting on an addition on the back of the house, expanding the existing 1 story bumpout back, and up to the 3rd floor

Update 22Aug06 Update 18Sep06 Update 19Sep06

Today they took out the old hip & valley framing, opening up the space into the new 3rd floor area. The roof sheathign was finished and the shingling started.

Update 22Oct06

Much has happened in the last month. The exterior is 99% finished. Interior framing is done, plumbing & electrical rough in is done.

Update 03Nov06

Some intermediate shots coming, but here's a couple recent ones

Update 01Dec06

The plaster walls are up, the bathroom is being tiled in slate, plus finishing up the outside.

Update 06Dec06 Update 10Dec06 Update 12Dec06 Update 18Dec06

The fixtures in the new bathroom are all installed, and the old one cut out. Windows are trimmed and the main task remaining is to install the shower door. After 9 weeks of doing without, we have a washer & dryer again.

Update 21Sep07

Progress has been slow on the remaining items because we're both pretty burnt out on the house right now. But a couple things have been accomplished. More than what you see here but this is what I have pictures of.

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